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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Simple Feed Aggregator in Ruby

Ruby already has few RSS standard libraries (0.9, 1.0 , 2.0) in built, and it is good enough for simple purpose.

Today, I am trying to work on a simple feed aggregator, which could take multiple feed source url's and enlists the stories published there. I was tempted to use the standard library, however since it would not support the Atom standard, started looking for another library which supports both.

SimpleRSS lib by Lucas Carlson looks great.

So, here goes the code. You may extend it if you wish.

require 'simple-rss'
require 'open-uri'

class FeedAggregator
def initialize(urls)
@urls = urls
@feeds = []

def read_feeds
@urls.each { |url| @feeds.push( }

def feed_source_counts
@feeds.each_with_index do |feed, index|
feed_source = "Feed Source [#{index}]: #{}"
published_articles = "Published Articles: #{feed.items.size}"
puts feed_source + ', ' + published_articles

def list_articles(id)
puts "-----Feed Source [#{id}] : #{@feeds[id].channel.title}-----"
@feeds[id].items.each { |item| puts ' ' + item.title }

def list_all_articles
@feeds.each_with_index { |f, i| list_articles(i) }

MyFeedAggregator =
puts "------------ Feed Details ------------------"

Here is the test run :

C:\Ruby\bin\ruby.exe -e STDOUT.sync=true;STDERR.sync=true;load($0=ARGV.shift) C:/Users/anshu/RubymineProjects/TestRubyProjectTwo/test_two.rb
Feed Source [0]: RubyForge New Releases, Published Articles: 10
Feed Source [1]: latest front page, Published Articles: 25
------------ Feed Details ------------------
-----Feed Source [0] : RubyForge New Releases-----
Dr Nic's Utilities
WysMacs Trainable Text and Code Editor
Seattle.rb Projects
snk's open source
-----Feed Source [1] : latest front page-----
Non-Technical Factors that Lead to Poor Architectures
My Tools of the Trade รข€“ 2009
Week Calendar using Jquery
Oracle Taunts IBM with $10M Challenge
Rant about developers or how I stopped worrying and love the simplicity
ScalaTest 1.0 Release "A Path Forward" to Scala
Resolving a Relative URL to a Full URL in ASP.NET
JxBrowser 2.0 Early Access Program
PrimeFaces UI 0.9.3 Released
Mozilla Join Microsoft in Slamming Google Chrome Frame
TDD is not test-first. TDD is specify-first and test-last.
Five super-secret features in Windows 7
Git# Offers Git Access for .NET and Mono Projects
Getting Started with Scrum
Apparent risk and actual risk
8 Hand Drawn Icon Sets For Bloggers
Optimize your Mac experience with the LaunchBar multitasker
18 Really Beautiful and Creative Web Designs
Google Released Page Speed for Firefox
Objective-C's niche: why it survives in a world of alternatives
Mobile Ajax Push for iPhone with JSF and PrimeFaces
Book Review - Spring in Practice
Tips for Designing an Awesome Coming Soon Page
Abstracting away Dependencies for Simpler code
MacRuby 0.5 Pulls the Plug on YARV

Process finished with exit code 0


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